Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund

City Parks Foundation Recovery Efforts 

Immediately following Hurricane Sandy, CPF played a critical role in mobilizing the volunteers and supplies needed to begin restoring neighborhood parks. Through our Partnerships for Parks program, CPF has already organized more than 7,390 volunteers who were deployed to over 50 sites. They removed debris and began the long process of restoring parks to places of safe refuge and recreation for all New Yorkers. Parks across the city serve as vital centers for community life, and we expect our work in affected areas to continue well into the future.

Support CPF Recovery Efforts

Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund – CPF has created a special fund to support parks and community groups in the hardest hit areas.  Our immediate needs are to purchase and distribute the supplies necessary to clean up parks and to organize volunteer efforts.  In the long term, we will need to coordinate restoration projects in the spring and continue to support hundreds of neighborhood parks groups. CPF is committed to cultivating community around New York's green spaces and helping an extensive network of New Yorkers care for their parks.

Your contribution to this fund will be used in the following ways: 1) Purchase critically needed supplies for clean-up and restoration projects; 2) Provide a pool of funds to be granted to local parks groups in support of their efforts in some of the hardest hit areas in southern Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island; 3) Support free programming in parks, aligned with the core mission of CPF to promote, improve and enliven NYC parks across the five boroughs.

If you would like to make a contribution to City Parks Foundation in support of our efforts please visit or contact Alissa Desmarais at 212-360-8292 or

Corporate Clean-Up Effort – If your corporation would like to organize a group of employees and underwrite a clean-up project please contact Brian Pham, Corporate Program Manager, Volunteer Programs at 212-360-3464 or