Junior Tennis Academy

The Lacoste Junior Tennis Academy is a free, annual scholarship training program for dedicated New York City juniors.

The Academy has evolved into a unique youth development effort that strives to build character and self-confidence through the discipline of advanced tournament-training. For 30 years, the Academy has helped to develop youngsters into tournament-caliber players who have earned college scholarships and USTA rankings.

By providing free expert coaching, practice time and tournament sponsorship, the Academy helps to defray the high cost of training so that urban players have the opportunity to realize their potential. Since the program’s inception, over one hundred participants have earned either a USTA ranking or college tennis scholarship, as well as several standout players who have competed in the US Open.

The Academy provides unique benefits including:

  • Free tournament-training sessions at Flushing Meadows Park and USTA BJK National Tennis Center
  • Free tournament entry fee sponsorship for selected USTA sanctioned events
  • Free travel expenses to selected national junior tournaments for ranked players
  • Specialized clinics with world-class professionals
  • Counseling and placement assistance for collegiate tennis scholarships



When: Saturday, May 20 3pm-6pm (rain or shine) – check in opens at 2pm
Where: USTA/ Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, Flushing Meadows Park, Queens
Requirements: NYC Residents 8-17 years old (US Citizenship Required)

  • Players should possess intermediate to advanced tennis skills, although players of all ability levels can test their skills at the tryouts.
  • The first round of the tryouts consists of an on-court evaluation of athletic ability and tennis skills by a staff of tennis professionals. Players will be asked to demonstrate the serve, forehand, backhand, volley and overhead and will be judged on their ability relative to their age.
  • Fifty players are selected each year to participate in the summer training program (July-August). In the fall, a select group of players will merit continued sponsorship from October to April based on sportsmanship, attendance, financial need and on-court performance.
  • Selection for the scholarship is based upon ratings in three categories including playing ability, personal interview and family income.


When: Sunday, May 21 3pm-6pm (rain or shine)
Where: USTA/ Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, Flushing Meadows Park, Queens
Requirements: Players who pass the first round of the tryouts on Saturday will be invited to the second and final on-court tryout.

  • Candidates will be evaluated in match-play situations.
  • Those who are selected from the on-court phase of the tryouts will be informed by mail and scheduled for an interview with program staff.
  • Final candidates are required to supply documentation of their residency and annual family income during the interview.
  • Since a primary goal of the program is to make tournament training available to those who can least afford it, consideration will be given to candidates with limited economic resources.
  • Players who have not previously participated in the Academy and have the lowest income relative to the remaining candidates will receive the highest consideration for the scholarship.