People Make Parks

The People Make Parks program gives New Yorkers the tools they need to engage their local communities in planning for the future of their park.

The program focuses on training community groups to gather & share public input with NYC Parks so these ideas can inform park design and programming.

Our staff will help you navigate the NYC Parks capital process with our People Make Parks toolkit and lead community park visioning events. Your voice can make a big difference with the right skills and we are excited to help you get there. So activate your park, sign up now for a free consultation.

“Community Park Visioning: a public input process led by a community group that gathers ideas, desires and concerns from a broad and diverse audience about places or activities in their neighborhood park.  Community Visioning encourages a sense of community ownership and informs park design & programming”- Sabina Saragoussi, Director of Partnerships for Parks

For more information about People Make Parks, contact or 212-602-5347