Green Girls Summer Institute: Stories from the Field

07.24.12 | 3pm | Education

Green Girls is an innovative program that encourages girls to excel in the sciences and realize their potential to create change within the natural environment and their own lives. The three-week Green Girls Summer Institute, going into its sixth sum

mer, serves 30 girls from the four Young Women’s Leadership Schools in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with hands-on activities and trips to parks and natural areas, wildlife refuges, and cultural institutions.Get a look inside this CPF education program straight from the source! Read guest blog posts from the Green Girls about their experiences studying the environment.

The Green Girls in Van Cortlandt Park


Tuesday July 10th, 2012

“Stinky Towncreek:” Newtown creek

By: Briyana H & Asia

Today we visited Newtown Creek Water Treatment Plant. It was really stinky. We smelled waste and all types of different stuff, we saw where our water from our homes goes, and the different ways our water gets cleaned. For lunch we walked over to the Newtown Creek and had a scavenger hunt. My team was the greatest. In my group there was Chenelle, Kyara, Angie, Chyna, and me. We had a lot of fun by the water and one word that I remember is vertebrates. We also saw an interesting sign that said “kids under 15 can’t swim in the water” and there are eels and other dirty things in

the water.

The Green Girls working on a Scavenger Hunt at Newtown Creek Nature Walk


Wednesday July 11th, 2012

“Dragonfly Moments:” Strack Pond, Forest Park

By: Chyna and Chenelle

Today was both fun and crazy. The fun part was catching moths, butterflies, and dragonflies. Although I happened to be afraid I was still able to catch 5 moths and a butterfly. Susan the dragonfly expert really gave us some interesting facts about the dragonflies and damselflies. Damselflies are really skinny, weak, and slow. Dragonflies are thicker, faster, and sturdier. Something I’ll never forget is the bugs! Our funniest moment was playing bump-pitty-bump-bump , and catching dragonflies!


Paula and her Dragonfly


Thursday, July 12th, 2012

“Wildman Steve & Wild Edibles:” Prospect Park: Brooklyn

By: Victoria

Prospect Park, to me, is a small jungle with many adventures. All of us were excited for an adventure with Wildman Steve. We were foraging for greens we thought were inedible, but we ate ’em. But the best part was eating a wineberry. It was the best fruit I ever ate!!

Victoria and her Dragonfly


Monday, July 16th, 2012

“Mile-A-Minute:” Bronx NY Van Cortlandt

By: Kyara Harris and Brianna B

Today we went to Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. We met this man named Josh who works at Van Cortlandt but also is a part of the Natural Resources Group. He told us that we would be pulling out weeds to help the trees grow. When we were walking towards the spot where the weeds were mainly growing there was a lot of poison ivy and i was paranoid I would catch it but I made sure that i put on a lot of jewel weed to prevent it because that’s what jewel weed does. I thought pulling out the weed or mile a minute was interesting because it made me realize that the wildlife really needs our help. It’s not like us where we can control most of the things that happen to us. The wildlife cheap viagra online needs us.

Today was fun because we got to pull out mile a minute. Mile a minute is a plant that wraps around other plants (trees) and kills them. The Green Girls funniest moments on the trip today was when everyone was getting poked by the thorns on the mile a minute.I will never forget holding a daddy long legs.

Green Girls weeding in Van Cortlandt Park