We connect teachers, students and families through hands-on classroom, after school and teacher-training programs in parks, schools and Recreation Centers across New York City. Annually, our programs reach 7,500 students and community members and 600 teachers.

Teen PASS Afterschool and Summer Institute offers free, exceptional clubs that focus on the areas of NYC Parks, arts, environmental science and sports that are tailored to the interests and talents of 6th - 8th graders. We create a safe space for young people to grow as scientists and artists, nature lovers and healthy individuals alongside our gifted staff.
Seeds to Trees, an in-school program in targeted neighborhoods, introduces NYC children to urban ecology and nature through a distinctive combination of hands-on classroom activities, unparalleled field experiences and expert teacher training – all lead by our skilled environmental educators.
City Parks Foundation’s four Learning Gardens are outdoor classrooms that provide vibrant green space for learning about horticulture, science, and food justice in densely populated neighborhoods.
This innovative program encourages girls to excel in the sciences and realize their potential to create change within the natural environment and their own lives.
This intensive summer camp program pushes 2nd-8th graders to discover the wonders of our aquatic ecosystems through workshops in parks along the waterfront, focused on habitats, water quality, restoration, and preservation.