We connect teachers, students and families through hands-on classroom, after school and teacher-training programs in parks, schools and Recreation Centers across New York City. Annually, our programs reach 7,500 students and community members and 600 teachers.

This multimedia/technology after school program offers video production training, media literacy, new media, and academic support and life skills training.
This field based environmental education program introduces NYC schoolchildren to science and nature through classroom activities and field experiences.
Greening Your Lessons is a professional development program where participants receive materials, practice field methods, and learn how to implement hands-on activities.
This innovative program encourages girls to excel in the sciences and realize their potential to create change within the natural environment and their own lives.
This garden-based program brings learning to NYC schoolchildren and community members through engaging interdisciplinary lessons in core subjects.
Discover the secrets of our aquatic ecosystem through workshops in parks along the waterfront, focused on habitats, water quality, and restoration and preservation.