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Twin Shadow / Autre Ne Veut / DJ sets by Mano

8.17.2013 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm | Add Comment | Central Park | Directions to Event ›

Twin Shadow is the musical child of Dominican-born George Lewis Jr.  The alternative pop style of music that Lewis writes, sings, and produces has been on the rise since the inception of Twin Shadow in 2010.  His most recent album, Confess was released in 2012 and it once again found Lewis Jr. doing what he does best; fashioning a soundtrack which sounds refreshingly and distinctly modern.  The album was met with much critical acclaim and debuted at # 54 on “The Billboard Top 200.”  Live, his shows are considered a high energy experience not to be missed.

Arthur Ashin, better known as Autre Ne Veut is the first of two children and the only son of American ex-patriots living in rural Kenya. He’s struggled with minor bouts of depression throughout his life, but a year of intensive psychoanalysis helped him to realize that anxiety was at the crux of his problems. Anxiety is the full-length 2013 follow up to Autre Ne Veut’s 2010 self-titled debut which had Pitchfork saying “every song on his self-titled debut is a marvel, each in its own way.” The album is in some sense Ashin closing a chapter on his adolescence through song-form depictions of his own relationship struggles and ecstasies. There are club bangers on Anxiety, for sure; but when experienced as a whole, there is an unfolding sense of confession to this Pop/R&B gem.

Chicago DJ native, Mano is a an artist/producer with an ability to seamlessly blend a mix of Hip-Hop, Electro, Alternative and Indie Rock music. With a wide and versatile collection of music, Mano has mass appeal and the skill to liven up any crowd and elevate any song. Mano’s DJ background transcends the local party scene. He currently serves as Kanye West’s personal DJ and has toured and spun for artists by the likes of Travis McCoy and MIA.


Please do not bring alcoholic beverages, glass, bottles, coolers, pets, bicycles, rollerblades, folding chairs, beach umbrellas, video cameras or tape recorders. No professional camera gear, telephoto lenses, or flash photography is allowed. All bags are subject to search. Beer and wine are for on­site consumption only and may not be removed from the venue. The distribution or sale of unauthorized promotional materials is not permitted.

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