The Zombies / Django Django / Adam Green & Binki Shapiro / DJ sets by Modest P

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Hailing from St. Albans, and originating in 1961, The Zombies are a legendary English Rock band.  Led by Rod Argent on piano and Colin Blunstone on vocals, the band scored US hits in the mid and late 1960s with “She’s Not There,” “Tell Her No,” and “Time of the Season.” Their 1968 album, Odessey and Oracle is ranked 80th on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” In 2011, The Zombies released their fifth studio album, Breathe Out, Breathe In.  This latest album enhances the legacy of this monumental rock group with The Independent declaring, “…an authentic 1960s prog-pop tone is sustained through Argent’s surging organ and sly piano, combined with the layered harmonies of Blunstone, whose voice seems impressively unravaged by time.”

Coming together in 2009, Django Django is a British group that met at art school in Scotland and has its roots planted in London, England.  This adventurous Rock group melds indescribable electronic flourishes to live instrumentation.  Consisting of four members, Django Django’s debut self-titled album, has been voted by Rolling Stone Magazine as 26th in its “50 Best Albums of 2012” list.  Each track contains its own nation of harmonies, rhythms and textures.  Django Django’s story looks set to be a long and compelling one. By banging together their thirst for adventure and their exacting high standards, they’ve produced an album that seems to have everything, but on which everything never seems too much.

Just one listen to Adam Green & Binki Shapiro is enough to become enchanted. With deceptively pretty arrangements that echo the emotions of late-sixties Folk-Pop and an easygoing rapport between singers, this duet’s collaboration may seem like the perfect accompaniment to a sunny summer’s day, Southern-California style. But it works even better as a comforting soundtrack at the end of a dark, lonely night in the big city. The atmosphere the pair conjures up with strummed guitars and discreet layers of synths indeed suggests romantic possibility, but the lyrics are more sweetly melancholic, gently but candidly addressing betrayal, incipient heartbreak, and conjugal discord. It’s an approach that makes for compelling repeated listening, as the intimate dramas reveal themselves, and it’s one that surprised even Green and Shapiro as their self-titled debut album went on sale in January 2013.

A New Yorker by birth and Albanian by roots, deejay Modest P is best known for his long time Saturday night residency at the legendary East Village club Nublu. He is also known for being one of the founders of the seminal Easy Lover loft party and the now defunct Water Taxi Beach party in Long Island City, sharing the decks with world class DJs such as Carl Craig, Grandmaster Flash, Prins Thomas, and many more. He has performed at many venues in NYC and around the world. Modest P, or Petrit Pula as he is known by his real name also heads the Nublu record label.


Please do not bring alcoholic beverages, glass, bottles, coolers, pets, bicycles, rollerblades, folding chairs, beach umbrellas, video cameras or tape recorders. No professional camera gear, telephoto lenses, or flash photography is allowed. All bags are subject to search. Beer and wine are for on­site consumption only and may not be removed from the venue. The distribution or sale of unauthorized promotional materials is not permitted.
  1. Tim said on 4.23.2013

    I’d love to see just the Zombies. Will summerstage post the order or times the bands are slated to play?

    • cpfadmin said on 4.23.2013

      All shows are listed in reverse performance order, so the Zombies will be performing last. Set times will be tweeted a day or two before the show.

    • Michael said on 6.15.2013

      I love the Zombies, but Django Django are my favorite band right now, and the latest album from Adam and Binki is a delight. This whole show it worth $30 at least. You are lucky in NYC to have it for FREE!

  2. dan said on 4.24.2013

    what part of Central PArk will this show take place?

  3. Caro said on 4.24.2013

    Hi, Can you please tell me what is the best time to go on line to get tickets. Thank you. Wow, a free Zombies concert. New York it the best!!!

    • cpfadmin said on 4.25.2013

      Doors will open at 5pm so we suggest 1 hour before doors, so 4pm. We frequently run contests for skip the line passes, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook!

  4. cite said on 5.1.2013

    time changed to 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm ?? I’ll get in from Japan and I’m planning to go Northside festival in Brooklyn also. so I really want to know correct time. and if possible, Please tell me what time Adam Green’s stage will start. pleeeease…

    • cpfadmin said on 5.1.2013

      We will not know the set times until closer to the show date. Please follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for possible updates as we get closer to the show.

  5. una said on 5.6.2013

    As it is a free show, do I need to reserve a place? Or just get there early to ensure I get in? How does this work?

    • cpfadmin said on 5.6.2013

      Doors open 1 hour before the show begins. Get in line early to ensure you can get into the venue. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for line updates the day of the show and possible contests.

  6. april said on 5.8.2013

    What is the correct time for the show? Here is says 6pm, but on Central Park page it has 3pm?

    • cpfadmin said on 5.9.2013

      The show begins at 6pm.

  7. James said on 5.10.2013

    Is this first-come-first-serve, or will I still be able to get in if a friend reserves a ticket for me?

    • cpfadmin said on 5.13.2013

      This show is first come first served until capacity is reached, there are no tickets or reservations.

  8. Roy said on 5.22.2013

    Will there be actual seats there? Years ago, Summerstage had foldings chairs in addition to the bleachers in the back. Starting several years ago, they took away the folding chairs and just had people spread out on very uncomfortabel astroturf. For someone with bad knees, this was unacceptable and I have’nt been to SummerStage since.

    • cpfadmin said on 5.22.2013

      SummerStage in Central Park does not allow folding chairs. There are bleacher seats available first come first served until filled.

  9. Cami Rodriguez said on 5.23.2013

    HELLO! im from Buenos Aires, Argentina and thanksfully ill be in nyc for this amazing day! I dont really know how it works so please if you can answer me:

    -do i have to get tickets or its just a free pass ?
    -at what exact time should i be there


    • cpfadmin said on 5.24.2013

      This is a free show, entrance is first come first served until capacity. The show begins at 6pm, doors open at 5pm, follow us on Twitter @SummerStage and like us on Facebook @SummerStageNYC for line updates day of the show.

  10. Jerry Jemal said on 6.1.2013

    Zombies June 15th at 6pm !!!

  11. ANNA V said on 6.6.2013

    Great lineup! Happy to see MODEST P on the bill

  12. Michael Louie said on 6.7.2013

    I will be doing activities up until 6pm on Governor’s Island and won’t be able to get to you until 7:30ish. Since I’m only interested in The Zombies who probably won’t go on until about 8:30, will you be letting more people in throughout the night after you’ve reached capacity? Meaning, when people leave for the earlier bands will we be be allowed in (one person leaving, one person in policy)?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.11.2013

      Follow us on Twitter @SummerStage for line updates day of the show.

  13. Yvonne said on 6.10.2013

    CAN’T wait to see The Zombies!!!!!!
    I hope I get a ticket. I have liked you on Facebook for years, and just now following you on Twitter.

  14. VS said on 6.10.2013

    A bit confused about the venue–is it at the bandshell? The map link is vague–why not list the exact site where it takes place in the Park?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.10.2013

      SummerStage takes place in Rumsey Playfield in Central Park, NOT the bandshell, but just East of the bandshell.

  15. Soph said on 6.10.2013

    Do you have to be older than 18/21 to come?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.10.2013

      SummerStage shows are all ages.

  16. Jerry... said on 6.11.2013

    Will this show be streamed live on the internet?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.11.2013

      No this show will not be streamed live.

  17. Andrew said on 6.11.2013

    Are the Zombies last on the bill – closer to 9:00 PM than 6:00 PM ?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.12.2013

      Yes, Zombies will be performing last on the bill.

  18. Eddie said on 6.12.2013

    How many can go to this concert – coming from the Uk and arriving in NYC in the afternoon so do not want to miss the opportunity to be there

    • cpfadmin said on 6.13.2013

      The venue holds nearly 5,000 attendees, doors will open at 5pm, and we will have line updates via our Twitter @SummerStage.

  19. Dan Griffin said on 6.12.2013

    Will Colin and Rod be signing autographs after the Zombies performance?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.13.2013

      That is up to the artists themselves, we do not have any information on that.

  20. Steve said on 6.12.2013

    It says in the rules “no glass, bottles”. Since there is a coma there, does this mean “no glass bottles” and I can bring an empty or even full plastic bottle?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.13.2013

      You can bring in plastic bottles.

  21. Mel said on 6.13.2013

    Jonathan Demme was initially listed for the panel discussion with the Zombies that is scheduled before the concert. He is no longer listed. Is he no longer on the panel discussion? The comments for that are closed so I am asking it here.

    • cpfadmin said on 6.13.2013

      He will no longer be taking part in the panel.

  22. dawn said on 6.13.2013

    Is the twitter account the one for central park or is there another one for summer stage?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.13.2013

      @SummerStage is for the entire festival

  23. david said on 6.13.2013

    can you listen from outside the venue?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.13.2013

      Yes, there is an area outside the venue that people typically sit on the rocks and listen/picnic.

  24. owen said on 6.14.2013

    django django is still going to be there right?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.14.2013

      Yes, Django Django will be performing.

  25. cam said on 6.14.2013

    damn, it said 3pm in the newspaper yesterday :( :( :(

  26. Brittany said on 6.14.2013

    What time is the best to get to close the front of the entrance line?

  27. elle said on 6.15.2013

    can we picnic within the venue space or only outside?

  28. George said on 6.15.2013

    It’s really disappointing that you changed the time from the originally scheduled 3-7PM to 6-10PM.

  29. Dean said on 6.15.2013

    Is there complimentary food and bev in the VIP area during the Zombies/Django Django show?

  30. liz said on 6.15.2013

    Whats the summerstage venue capacity?

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