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Race Horse Company: “Petit Mal”

8.20.2013 | 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm | Add Comment | Marcus Garvey Park | Directions to Event ›

8pm: Race Horse Company was born in 2008 out of an artistic need to create an uncompromising, personal and completely new kind of contemporary circus. Race Horse Company’s rough-and-ready performances are based on aesthetics of chaos, humor and surprise. The company approaches circus without questioning, leaving philosophy and thinking to the spectators. Their newest production, “Petit Mal”, is built around the idea of black humor and collisions. The traditional form, poetry and soft movement of contemporary circus are challenged through randomness and dream-like logic. The Daily Echo has defined it as “contemporary circus,[where] the performers fuse break-dancing, Hip-Hop, Chinese pole, acrobatics and martial arts creating a visual feast for the eyes that [leave] you open-mouthed in amazement.”

Performers: Daniel Carlton, Benja Kay Thomas, Stephanie Berry, Dionne Monsanto, Rock Wilk

Performers: Ben Sota, Bob Shryock, Mercedes Searer, Joey Kipp, Rebecca Bernard, Josephine Calvo, Michael Karas
ZANY UMBRELLA CIRCUS exists to build and strengthen communities through education and folk artistry — particularly puppetry, circus, music, storytelling, street theatre and visual arts.

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