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7.11.2013 | 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm | (28) Comments | Central Park | Directions to Event ›

Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, Lila Downs embraces and highlights her origins in the U.S. and Mexico.  Downs’ roots have always been an important aspect of her music, as well as the topics of political and social justice, immigration, and transformation, all embedded in the human condition.  For over a decade, Lila Downs has traversed the planet, bringing her dramatic and highly unique reinvention of traditional Mexican music and original compositions fused with Blues, Jazz, Soul, and African roots. Downs has long been recognized by the music industry, receiving a Latin GRAMMY for the 2004 release, Una Sangre and a GRAMMY nomination for 2008’s Shake Away, which was also named one of the top ten albums of that year by WOMEX, the leading world music organization.  In 2012, Downs released her album, Pecados Y Milagros, which won a Latin GRAMMY for Best Folk Album and a GRAMMY award in 2013 for Best Regional Mexican Album.

Known as the long-time live voice of Thievery Corporation, Natalia Clavier’s new solo album, Lumen was produced by GRAMMY-winning producer Adrian Quesada.  With a sultry mix of Jazz-inspired vocals, electronic textures and global influences, Lumen further develops the sound  Clavier cultivated while recording and touring with both Thievery Corporation and her husband, Argentinean singer-songwriter Federico Aubele.

Born and raised in Lima, Pamela Rodriguez has always been enticed by other paths of life, territories and cities.  In her lyrics, Rodriguez intertwines topics of love and indifference with her own experiences to create melodies out of feminine intuition and the instinctive need to interpret reality through a song.  In 2006, Rodriguez was nominated for a Latin GRAMMY Award as “Best New Artist” and in 2012 received a second nomination for “Best Contemporary Pop Album”.  Rodriguez has recorded three albums, with her most recent, Reconocer, being released in 2011.  In her latest album, Rodriguez reflects on her recent experiences and tells her audience about exile, freedom, love and maternity, and her constant changes of countries and the sounds between here and there.  The album has fresh sounds, Indie Pop and Alternative music influences, as it showcases Rodriguez’s ability to incorporate different themes and styles into her lyrics to create a musical masterpiece.

The voice of pirate radio in the mid-90s and a native Angeleno, Raul Campos has come from the underground to represent the eclectic airwaves of KCRW in Los Angeles.  Campos brings his audience to a place where funky beats, underground rhythms, heartbroken guitars, Latin-loving and daring melodies live.  Campos also continues his work behind the scenes as a remixer, putting his special spin on tracks by famed artists such as Femi Kuti, Jill Scott and many more.


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  1. Gabriela said on 5.8.2013

    I’m so glad she is coming here great artist my favorite love her love her ….

    see her many times and never is enough
    Lila Downs waiting for You.

  2. Rick Gibson said on 5.26.2013

    Pamela music rocks !

  3. Luis said on 5.29.2013

    Pamela Rodriguez? really? her last album has songs that are copies of regina Spektor and Julieta Venegas and Natalia Lafourcade. soooo different of her first one, the one that actually got her the Grammy nomination.

  4. Plan V said on 5.30.2013

    Pamela Rodriguez awesome vibrations music rocks !

  5. Javier A. said on 6.16.2013

    Lila es especial, esperando verla ese dia, gracias por venir a regalarnos tu arte.

  6. Carlos said on 6.18.2013

    We have been yearning for lila to come to new york, I know this event is free but I wonder if I have to get the tikets from somewhere or we just show up… if anyone knows please let me know thanks

  7. maria magdalena tornes said on 6.18.2013

    hola lila; la verda dejame decirte que tu musica es muy original y resalta en todo oaxaca, tu eres el orgullo de esta tierra maravillosa la que tiene 7 hermosas region, te queremos lila downs.

  8. Tom and Kate said on 6.20.2013


  9. Jean said on 6.29.2013

    How can i get tickets?

    • cpfadmin said on 7.1.2013

      This is a free show, just get in line.

  10. gaby gradas said on 7.2.2013

    since the first time I saw her in Central park an maby other locations I follow her as much as I Can with friends and family to all events posible free laki sumner stage casita Maria. to carnegy hall and yale university love her She is a Quality Artist.

  11. ROBERTO LOPEZ said on 7.2.2013


  12. Barb said on 7.5.2013

    We are traveling to see this concert. How do we know we can get tickets? Where do you get these tickets?

    • cpfadmin said on 7.8.2013

      This show is free, first cove first served until capacity is reached. Doors open 1 hour before the show begins.

  13. Santiago said on 7.8.2013

    I hope be there:)

  14. Santiago said on 7.8.2013

    Its free?

    • cpfadmin said on 7.8.2013

      Yes this is a free event, first come first served until capacity is reached.

  15. Kim said on 7.8.2013

    What are the set times for the different artists? My office doesn’t close until 6 and I don’t want to miss Lila Downs.


    • cpfadmin said on 7.9.2013

      Lila will be performing last, however the venue will close once capacity is reached. Follow us on Twitter @SummerStage for line updates and capacity updates. Also, check out our contest to win entry and VIP seating:

  16. Laura said on 7.8.2013

    At what time you are going to give out the tickets?

    • cpfadmin said on 7.9.2013

      There are no tickets. This is a free show just show up and get in line or enter the venue. The doors open 1 hour before showtime.

  17. Laura said on 7.8.2013

    Or at what time people will be able to make a line? I’m planning to go with my family including my son of 11 years. Thank you.

    • cpfadmin said on 7.9.2013

      The doors will open at 5pm. If you arrive at 5pm you should be fine to enter the venue.

  18. Jadzia Morelli said on 7.10.2013

    Because of my work schedule I can’t be there at 6. Do you know in what order the artists will come on the stage. I can’y mill Lila. I’ve been waiting to see her way too lank.
    Please let me know.

    Thank you,


    • cpfadmin said on 7.10.2013

      Lila will perform last. Doors open at 5pm, and the venue will close if we reach capacity. Follow us on Twitter @SummerStage for line up dates.

  19. Melisa said on 7.11.2013

    What happens if it rains? Is the show still on?

    • cpfadmin said on 7.11.2013

      Shows are rain or shine.

  20. isabel said on 7.11.2013

    this would be my 5th time, enjoying Lila’s music. Great show guys not to be missed. she is versatile, fun to look at, a real artist. look forward

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