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6.29.2013 | 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm | (26) Comments | Central Park | Directions to Event ›

SummerStage joins Canada Day International and BlackBerry in celebrating Canada’s 146th birthday, presenting a free showcase of top Canadian talent.

When electro-rock sensation Lights first hit the music scene in 2008, she was just a songwriter with a synth and a dream. The following year, she won the Juno Award (Canada’s Grammy) for Best New Artist, on the strength of her debut EP alone.  She has since released the gold certified and Juno nominated albums The Listening and Siberia. Her latest release, Siberia Acoustic, is an album which strips down her normally synth and electronic-heavy music to the bare bones, showcasing her strong songwriting and soft melodies.

With countless awards to their credit, Joel Plaskett and his band The Emergency, have performed thousands of tour dates, and completed numerous recording and producing projects.  Joel is quickly becoming one of the most innovative and prolific artists on the scene today.  In 2009, Plaskett released his hugely successful triple record, Three, which garnered overwhelming media response and caught the attention of international audiences. Where Three is a thoughtful solo record that offers up gems that range from pure Pop to soul stirring Folk, Scrappy Happiness, Plaskett’s most recent album which debuted in 2012, is an epic melodic Rock record powered by stellar songs and a sense of urgency. Whether it’s touring worldwide with his band or more intimate shows as a solo artist, Plaskett consistently excites and inspires his audiences with his one of a kind music.

The band that became Spirit of the West began as a Folk trio called Evesdropper in Vancouver 30 years ago. After churning out 13 albums, the group has achieved a status as one of the most beloved artists in Canadian history. They have been inducted into the Halls of Fame / Lifetime Achievement Categories by the Western Canadian Music Association and the Society of Composers and Music Publishers of Canada. In a CBC survey, their song, “Home for a Rest” was voted the 22nd greatest Canadian song of all time, and in a similar vote in Vancouver’s Tyee magazine it was placed as 2nd greatest Canadian song of all time.  It has many times been called “Canada’s unofficial national anthem.” With four gold and three platinum albums to their credit, Spirit of the West recently produced Spirituality, a double CD album that looks back at the first 25 years of their career.




Please do not bring alcoholic beverages, glass, bottles, coolers, pets, bicycles, rollerblades, folding chairs, beach umbrellas, video cameras or tape recorders. No professional camera gear, telephoto lenses, or flash photography is allowed. All bags are subject to search. Beer and wine are for on­site consumption only and may not be removed from the venue. The distribution or sale of unauthorized promotional materials is not permitted.
  1. Pam Graham said on 5.1.2013

    This sounds amazing. Any suggestions of hotels to stay at? Would love to visit and celebrate as a proud Canadian.

    • cpfadmin said on 5.2.2013

      Room Mate Grace is the stylish solution for the savvy traveler who wishes to experience the sophistication and fun New York has to offer. Room Mate Grace is a Preferred Hotel for SummerStage, when making reservations don’t forget to mention “SummerStage Festival” to receive a 15% discount of their lowest rate – rates starting at $139.00. Click here to book

  2. Terry said on 5.18.2013

    Huge SOTW fans and looking forward to the show. Not Canadian, but grew up in Buffalo and addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee so I might as well be. Driving in from Rochester to catch the band, as they haven’t been up our way in many years.

  3. Justin said on 5.23.2013

    Will be coming up from Toronto by bus to the big city! Lights is a great choice, seen her more then several times live and she really puts on a show. Great way to explore Canadian music and talent on Canada day in New York! So excited.

  4. Sierra said on 6.2.2013

    Will Lights be playing first? I live in Central Jersey and won’t be getting out of work until 5 pm :[

    • cpfadmin said on 6.4.2013

      Lights is the headliner and will be going on last. The artists are listed in reverse of the order they will be performing in.

  5. Catherine said on 6.14.2013

    What time will LIGHTS be performing?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.19.2013

      Stay tuned for updates on performance times. Follow us on Twitter @SummerStage.

  6. Christine said on 6.18.2013

    Are tickets necessary?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.19.2013

      No this is a free show first come first served until capacity is reached.

  7. Chloe said on 6.19.2013

    When do doors open?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.20.2013

      Doors open at 5pm, one hour before showtime.

  8. Jessica said on 6.20.2013

    Where exactly in Central Park will the event be located?

  9. Andrea said on 6.21.2013

    Which train station leaves you closest?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.24.2013

      Take the N/Q/R to 5th Ave and 59th street, walk north on 5th Ave, and enter the Park near 72nd St. OR Take the 6 to 68th Street/Hunter College and walk west into the Park.

  10. Eugenia said on 6.22.2013

    how long is this concert?? I need to tell my parents how long I’ll be staying.

    • cpfadmin said on 6.24.2013

      This program will end no later than 10pm.

  11. Nancy said on 6.25.2013

    I really like how a CPF admin is replying to questions. Nice customer service.

  12. Dave B. (@BuckyKatt) said on 6.25.2013

    For anyone who wants to start their Canada Day celebrations earlier, there’s a Great Canadian Picnic taking place at the Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park (near SummerStage) starting at 11 a.m. on Saturday…

  13. brianna said on 6.25.2013

    Do you have to RSVP to go?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.26.2013

      No this is a free show, first come first served until capacity is reached at the venue. There is no ticket needed, just show up and get in line.

  14. Mallory said on 6.28.2013

    Do you know what time Spirit of the West will be starting?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.28.2013

      They will be starting around 6:30pm.

  15. Kelly said on 6.28.2013

    I have work till 5 and I’m just planning to see lights . Is there a chance I could still make it or could I Have a friend hold a spot or something ?

    • cpfadmin said on 6.28.2013

      Yes, you should be able to gain entrance. Follow us on Twitter @SummerStage for line updates.

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