Jungle Brothers / Zhigge

Hosted by Lyricist Lounge

8.6.2013 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | Add Comment | Marcus Garvey Park | Directions to Event ›

Jungle Brothers is an American Hip-Hop group that pioneered the fusion of Jazz and Hip-Hop and also became the first Hip-Hop group to use a house-music producer. The group began performing in the mid-1980s and released its first album, Straight Out the Jungle, in 1988. With Afrocentric lyrics and innovative beats, the Jungle Brothers were critically acclaimed and soon joined the influential Native Tongues collective. In 2008, their single “What U Waitin 4″ was ranked number 88 on VH1‘s 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop.

Zhigge is a dance/rap group from New York whose members Kazo, Face, Prancer, Sound and Tonga had already made a name for themselves dancing in Hip-Hop clubs and appearing in videos by Special Ed, Public Enemy, YZ and others. Pronounced “schiggy,” the group’s name stands for anything fly or fresh.

SummerStage celebrates the acclaimed hip-hop brand, Lyricist Lounge. A respected part of hip-hop music and culture, Lyricist Lounge has hosted hundreds of live showcases featuring the best up and coming talent while acting as a career platform for many of today’s superstars. Lyricist Lounge hosts a night featuring two legendary DJs battling it out for turntable supremacy.

Part of SummerStage’s “This is __ Hip-Hop” series.

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