International Contemporary Circus Festival:

Circus Now! Featuring: AcroArts Productions / Frequently Asked Questions / Hybrid Movement Company

Hosted by: Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

8.21.2013 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | Add Comment | Marcus Garvey Park | Directions to Event ›

Acrobats, aerialists, and break dancers; oh my! An exciting evening of artistry, expression, courage, and athleticism await you as some of America’s most exciting contemporary circus companies showcase highlights of their best work. It’s the circus as you’ve never seen it, so come ready to pick your jaw off the floor.

Founded in 2007 by Michael Lanphear and Francois Gravel, AcroArts Production is a full-scale live entertainment company that has been involved in successful productions in over 25 countries across the globe.  This talented group of acrobats can perform anything from handstands to aerial hoops.  The performers leave viewers amazed at the artistry and awe-inspiring performance that unfold before their eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions is a company made up of circus friends, classmates and coworkers who share the dream of creating a new American circus company.  They are all first generation circus artists, each of whom has their own unique story of how they came to the ring.  They share an undying passion for their art and a respect for traditional and contemporary circus, both of which are proudly demonstrated in their creations. This summer marks their inaugural summer tour and debut production: “Now You Know” which draws its inspiration from the company moving from friends to family, learning about one another as each performer tells their individual story.

Hybrid Movement Company –  Productions which touch the heart and awaken the human mind. The human body in motion is a spectacular beauty. Twisted into unique shapes around flowing fabrics, balancing in seemingly impossible positions, dancing through space and responding to changing environments, it finds perplexing and awe inspiring forms.   Based in NYC, Hybrid Movement Company create unique, inspiring circus arts performance productions which are  culturally relevant to today’s diverse audiences.

Since 1995 the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus has traveled the globe, bringing its unique hybrid of Vaudeville, Circus, Wild West Shows, Burlesque, and Sideshow to theaters, clubs, colleges, and festivals. The company has produced innumerable cabaret shows, custom performances for special audiences, all-ages and family productions, and sophisticated adult shows.  Bindlestiff has brought its grand spectacle to hundreds of thousands directly and to over a million people more through television.  You can find Bindlestiff Family Cirkus alumni working in theaters, festivals, arts centers, streets, circuses, cruise ships, and carnivals around the world.

Circus Now is a national organization dedicated to promoting and progressing contemporary circus in America.  Across America, the circus is returning with enthusiasm unparalleled in history, reinvigorated by new organizations and new artists. Schools and companies are emerging in new cities. More venues are programming shows and more enthusiasts are discovering the joys of circus practice. By uniting the members of different communities, Circus Now aims to give a collective voice to the energy and enthusiasm of this rising movement.

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Please do not bring alcoholic beverages, glass, bottles, coolers, pets, bicycles, rollerblades, folding chairs, beach umbrellas, video cameras or tape recorders. No professional camera gear, telephoto lenses, or flash photography is allowed. All bags are subject to search. Beer and wine are for on­site consumption only and may not be removed from the venue. The distribution or sale of unauthorized promotional materials is not permitted.

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