Community Leaders Honored at our 2016 It’s My Park Awards Reception

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On March 8, 2017, Partnerships for Parks (PfP) held their 2016 It’s My Park Awards Reception, honoring the work of community partners who demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to their local parks through service, advocacy, and collaboration in 2016 and beyond.

2016 Capacity Fund Grant Report

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Since we just kicked off 2017, we thought it would be valuable to take a look back on our work last year. In 2016, we gave $151,445 over the course of three grant rounds to 110 community groups and organizations working on 91 parks, gardens, and green spaces.

Grantees Start Planning for 2017

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Despite the cold temperatures, our park groups are working hard to get their volunteers and their parks ready for warmer weather. To prepare community leaders have been attending workshops and trainings, holding fundraisers, and working with Partnerships for Parks to apply for our Capacity Fund Grant.

12 Months of Volunteering

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While making your New Year's Resolutions, why not give back to your community? Partnerships for Parks’ It’s My Park program occurs every month, with various ways to volunteer

New York’s Businesses Give back to NYC Parks in 2016

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As yet another year comes to a close, Partnerships for Parks is once again celebrating the impact it's had on NYC parks and green spaces with the help of its corporate partners. In 2016, over 3,500 volunteers from 42 different partners participated in 92 volunteer service projects throughout the five boroughs.

Why Volunteering in Winter is So Important

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Did you know that Partnerships for Parks hosts It’s My Park projects throughout the year—even the winter months? Though it may be chilly, there are still opportunities for volunteering.

Dia De Los Muertos In the South Bronx

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On Saturday, October 29, 2016, Partnerships for Parks and Coalicion Mexicana partnered together to host the first ever ‘Dia de los Muertos’ Cultural Celebration event in the South Bronx. It was a day of celebration of the lives of those that are no longer with us

PepsiCo Gives Back!

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On Wednesday, October 19th, volunteers from PepsiCo joined Partnerships for Parks in an It's My Park project at De Witt Clinton Park for their annual Pepsi Gives Back Week. De Witt Clinton Park has a passionate community presence, hard-working Parks Staff, and thanks to volunteer groups such as PepsiCo, receives the help vital to keeping it a vibrant part of the community.


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After hearing my friend gush about her summer internship with City Parks Foundation, the people she met, the places she traveled, and of course, the artists she saw, I eagerly anticipated what my summer would be like as a Marketing and Communications Intern. I looked forward to working shows, discovering new artists, and meeting my new coworkers.


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My summer with City Parks Foundation was an incredible experience enriched with an unforgettable staff, insane performances, and endless learning! During my internship I met dozens of CPF employees both in the office and onsite. It was unbelievable to discover the passion and excitement they all felt for this organization’s mission and the performing arts. Their kindness and enthusiasm made working feel a little less like work.
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