CPF is governed by a dedicated Board of Trustees who bring a diverse set of skills from leadership positions in colleges and universities, financial institutions, worldwide corporations, city government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

John Troubh, Chair
Andrew Tisch, Chairman Emeritus
David Moore, Executive Chair
Jean Troubh, Executive Chair
David Barse, Vice Chair
Susan K. Freedman, Vice Chair
Roland Merchant, Vice Chair
David Pinter, Vice Chair
Gail Gordon, Treasurer
Lary Wolf, Secretary
Bruce Ratner, Honorary Chair
Roscoe C. Brown Jr., Trustee Emeritus*

Edward I. Adler
David Barse
Steven Beer
Binta Niambi Brown
Elaine Clark
Claire G. Pellegrini Cloud
Avery Corman
Alexander D. Durst
Phyllis Ehrlich
Debra Fife
Natalie Gomez-Velez
Gail Gordon
Steve Leber
Roland Merchant
Brendan O'Rourke
Eric Planey
Adam L. Rosen
Mark Russo
Robert Savitt
Peter Simon
Virginia Wade
Philip M. Waterman Jr.
Harold P. Weinberger
Jeffrey Wilks
Brett Yormark

Heather Lubov, Executive Director City Parks Foundation
Mitchell Silver, Commissioner NYC Parks & Recreation

*In Memoriam